Our Mission & Methods

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As a church, and as individuals, our ultimate goal is to bring glory to God. In order to achieve this goal we must have a plan. However, we do not ask God to bless our plans. Rather we align with the plans He has already promised to bless.

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Stands for Loving relationships. God not only calls us to Himself, but He calls us to each other. Every time we get together it provides an opportunity to build and sharpen each other, as well as practice the many “one another’s” found in Scripture. As a local body we are to love each other and reflect the love of God to the world. - John 13:35

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Stands for Individual destiny. The church is made up of individuals called by God. In order for the church to become what God desires it to be each individual needs to become what God has called him or her to be. Therefore, In order to equip every individual for their specific calling we provide teaching and training in the Scriptures, as well as opportunities to serve within the church and community. - Eph 4:11-16

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Stands for Faith experienced. The Bible informs us that we are to live our lives by faith. Our faith is not dead or stagnant, but rather it is living, powerful, and growing. As a local body of believers we are to encourage and make room for everyone to exercise their faith and allow it to produce the fruits (works) only a living faith could yield. – Gal 3:11, James 2:26

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Stands for evangelism. It is the duty and privilege of every Christian to endeavor to make disciples of all nations. We firmly believe that evangelism and missions should take place in our home, in our community, and thousands of miles away. If we are to take seriously the duty and privilege of making disciples of all peoples it begins with everyone reaching someone. – Matt 28:18-20