Our Facilities

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God has blessed Life Church with a wonderful facility on a beautiful 9-acre property in Woodstock, Ontario. The main building houses our church office and is where we gather for our biweekly services. Besides being our church residence, the building also acts as the home of Life Christian Academy. With everything we have going on it is not uncommon to see all sorts of activity happening in and around our multipurpose building throughout the week.

If you were to look behind our building you would discover a beautiful section of green area we affectionately refer to as Life Park. This is where you will find our soccer pitch, beach volleyball court, fire pit, and a lovely treed area where we like to hold our church picnics. Although our sanctuary is comfortable and accommodating, in the summer we do enjoy taking advantage of Life Park by holding the occasional evening service outside. We are truly thankful for the wonderful facilities God has placed in our care.

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