Frequently Asked Questions

We’re so glad you’ve visited our web site, and hope you will take the next step and join us this Sunday at LifeChurch! You probably have some questions about what you and your family can expect on a typical Sunday at LifeChurch. We hope this Q&A page answers those questions for you. If not, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

What to expect?

We hold two services a week here at Life Church. Both services are unique and the messages are not repeated. Every service typically consists of praise and worship, greeting time, a brief offering, and the sermon. Our Wednesday service tends to run under an hour and a half long, ending around 9pm, and our Sunday service typically runs under 2 hours ending at 12pm. We have a brief reception during greeting time for our first time visitors.

Where to park?

When it comes to service times the best place to park is in the back by our canopy entrance. If you are visiting during business hours than you will want to park at the side of the building where our office entrance is located.

What happens when I arrive?

We trust that you’ll feel welcome and at ease as you are greeted when you walk in the door. Ushers can answer any questions you might have and will provide you with a service bulletin. At your leisure you can make your way to the sanctuary and you are free to sit in any available seat you desire. The ushers have Bibles you can borrow if you need one for the service.

What about my Children?

We have age specific services for children ages 0-12 on Sundays, and for children ages 0-5 on Wednesdays. Their classrooms are located downstairs, and are open for registration 15 minutes prior to the start of service.

What is the music like?

Praise and worship is an important part of our services. You can expect a mix of contemporary Christian music along with the occasional classic hymn. Don’t worry if you don’t know the lyrics, we will project the words on the main screen to help you out. The congregation tends to sing along with the worship team, and do not be surprised if some people become expressive in their praise by clapping or raising their hands.

What should I wear?

We do not have a dress code, so please feel free to come dressed in what you feel is most comfortable. If you are concerned with the ‘fashion trends’ at our services you will likely see some suits and ties on Sundays while more casual dress on Wednesdays.